ICS 890F4 Hydraulic 38cm Diamond Chain Saw

Top 5 underwater chainsaws: You can choose best one now

On Garnigasrl.com, and many others, you’ll find us talking a lot about chainsaws. This might be the types of chainsaws you should buy, or the best of a particular type of chainsaw. But in this article today, we’ll be exploring a particular type of chainsaw that very few people know exist, and even fewer actually talk about. The hydraulic chainsaw. I know that sounds a little bit complicated, but all it is, is a chainsaw that works underwater. Today, we’ll be looking at the 5 best hydraulic chainsaws that are out there today, and going through the benefits of them.

But why on Earth would you ever need a chainsaw that works underwater?

Well, many forests have lakes in them, and sometimes, trees end up falling into these lakes. What do you do then?

There’s no way you can just drag them out, with them being the size that they are. The only way to do it is to cut them up into smaller chunks which are going to be much easier to manage. And once you’ve done this, you can remove the tree chunk by chunk. And with the tree gone, people will be free to enjoy the lake again.

ICS 890F4 Hydraulic 38cm Diamond Chain Saw With FORCE4 Chain

ICS 890F4 Hydraulic 38cm Diamond Chain Saw

The first chainsaw on this list is from the company ICS. It uses a very powerful technology called FORCE4, and it’s been made specifically to be able to cut even the hardest of woods. It has a redesigned near handle to make it easier to handle, as well as making it more durable. To stop the water from taking you off course, it was 3 bubble levels to keep the saw stabilised. The drive sprocket allows you to replace the chain quickly, even when you’re out in the field. As with most of the other chainsaws on this list, this chainsaw is hydraulic powered, meaning that it’s powered by water. Whilst it is designed to be used underwater, it also works well on land, though you will need a water source nearby to be able to use it properly.

ICS 680ES 76.5cc Petrol Concrete Cutting Chain Saw FORCE3 Diamond Chain

ICS 680ES 76.5cc Petrol Concrete Cutting Chain Saw

This next chainsaw is the only one on the list that’s not designed to be used underwater, but don’t be fooled, it works brilliantly for such tasks. It’s actually designed to cut concrete, so you know that it’s got a powerful motor that will be able to get through some of the really tough woods, even when it’s underwater. With it’s a multifunction lever, you can control the choke, run, and stop all from the same switch. The polyester air filter makes it ideal for cutting underwater, and the FORCE3 bar and chain are 14″ and cut gets through almost anything with no issue.

The extended drive sprocket adapter makes assembling the chain easy. And what’s also easy is starting this thing. When you’re using this chainsaw, you will be able to cut through that tree in no time!

ICS 814PRO Hydraulic 33cm Diamond Chain Saw With TwinPRO Chain

ICS 814PRO Hydraulic 33cm Diamond Chain Saw

The third chainsaw on this list, is going to be the final one from ICS. This one is small and compact, making it perfect for places where space is limited. A lot of lakes have a lot of stuff in them, so there isn’t all that much room to move around. If you’re working in such a lake, this saw is one to consider.

Its motor is able to reach speeds of 8800 rpm, and it has a horsepower of 11.5. This means that even when it’s underwater, this saw is going to be able to cut through everything that I need to, and then some. Because of its compact size, this saw would probably be best for either cutting up smaller trees, or for cutting branches off of bigger ones. Both of which are tasks that might be more difficult to do if you’re using a larger saw.

Spitznas CS10 Hydraulic Chainsaw Underwater

Spitznas CS10 Hydraulic Chainsaw Underwater

Fourth, we have the Spitznas CS10. It uses an incredibly powerful motor, and can be fitted with chains ranging from 27cm to 103cm. As with a lot of other chainsaws that you can get nowadays, it also have a chain brake system and integrated pressure control valve, which will help to make it easier for you to use.

What this say prides itself on is that it’s able to cut through greenheart wood, a type of wood that’s used underwater a lot, due to the fact it’s incredibly strong but also waterproof. Due to the fact it’s powered by hydraulic power, there is less chance of you getting injured because of kickback. Overall, it really is a wonderful chainsaw to be using if you ever have to cut anything up underwater.

Stanley CS06 Hydraulic Chainsaw Underwater

Stanley CS06 Hydraulic Chainsaw Underwater

And finally, we have the Stanley CS06 Hydraulic Chainsaw Underwater. There are a lot of similarities between this one and the previous entry. They both have incredibly power motors, which enable them to cut through some very tough woods, they both use hydraulic power, and they’re both remarkably easy to use.

This one has interlocking triggers, handguards, and a low kickback bar. All of which are features, that will increase your chances of being able to work safely. And when you’re using chainsaws, safety has to be a top priority.
This beauty also features a rim sprocket which means that it lasts longer, and will not be breaking when you really don’t need it to. If you have a tree or other piece of wood that’s underwater, and you need it to be cut up, then the Stanley should be on your maybe list.

And there we have my top my underwater chainsaws!

Most of the time, all of your chainsaw usage is going to be on land. And most chainsaw users will never have to cut anything underwater. However, if you are one of those few people who does need to use a chainsaw that will be used underwater then make sure you get the best one for you. This list is the 5 which I believe to be the best on the market. But perhaps by the time you’ve read it, there will be some better ones out there!

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