Chainsaw Carving Near Me

Chainsaw Carving Near Me: What you should know about

Chainsaw carving is probably one of the most underrated art forms that exist, and this is actually a real shame when you consider how beautiful some of the sculptures that come about as a result of it can be. The skill it takes to be able to turn a log of wood into a dragon, or an owl, or a bear is simply remarkable. And the artists who create this, don’t have an entire arsenal of tools at their disposal, but all they use is a chainsaw, sometimes, the same chainsaw that they used to cut down the tree, and turn the tree into logs.

Chainsaw Carving Near Me

Even if you have no interest in actually participating in it yourself, I would definitely recommend going to look at other people doing it. This way you’ll be able to appreciate the chainsaw skills that are required to be able to produce such structures. As well as that, it’s also a great excuse to get out of the house. And it will even be a great chance to meet fellow chainsaw enthusiasts, and to talk to one another about tips and tricks for how to use and maintain your chainsaw.

It will also be a great chance for you to find out if chainsaw carving is something for you to consider.

Where to find them

One kind of place where you’ll be likely to find chainsaw carving events is places near woodland. As you can probably guess, the reason for this is because the distance that the logs are going to have to travel isn’t very far. Logs are very big and heavy, and so transporting them isn’t easy, it requires a lot of manual labour, and they take up a lot of room. For this reason, it makes sense to have these carving events take place near the source.

Another place where you’ll be likely to find chainsaw carving is at fetes and funfairs. A lot of carvers choose to got there to show off their skill, as they are often packed with people. All of these people have the potential to one day turn into customers. People will be more likely to buy something if they can see first hand how it’s made. It’s also a great place for people who have never thought about it, to spark an interest. It’s one of those things that very few people actually think about, but when they do, it really does amaze them.

Why you should go

As mentioned earlier, the main benefit of seeing a live chainsaw carving is that you get to see first hand the skill it requires. There are very few other forms of artwork where you are actually invited to take a look at the artist creating their masterpiece. You would rarely get to see a painter turn a canvass and a selection of paints into something worthy of being in a gallery. If you do choose to buy any of the things you have seen be created, you get to take it home with you, with the knowledge that this has been crafted by a person and not a machine.

Another reason (which was mentioned before) as to why you ought to see chainsaw carving live is so that you can decide it it’s something you’d be interested in pursuing. You might look at it, and decide that the time it’s going to take you to learn those skills is not going to be worth it, and that you’d be better off just selling timber. Or you might decide that actually, you could make more money and get more enjoyment from creating sculptures. The only way to really know where you stand is to understand the process.

Best Chainsaw Carivng Near Me

How to find them

Sorry to sound cliché but a great place to look for chainsaw carving events near you is to look on Google. There are many artists who like to travel around in order to show off their skills, and they will have tour dates on their website. Or you could look at the websites from some of your local areas to see if they have anything of that sort coming up. If you know of a local funfair or fete that’s due soon, then you can find out if there is going to be any chainsaw carving there.

What to keep in mind

If you do find something, you’ll need to ask yourself if it’s going to be the travel. Anything within a 15 minute walk or drive should be a definite yes. You will be able to just pop down, and take a look. However, you may need to travel a bit further in order to see the best people. Whether you should make this commitment depends on how dedicated you are to this. For some, this travel is simply not going to be worth it, and you might need to take some time off of work.

If you want to help

If you have a strong appreciation for the skills that this requires but don’t think it’s for you, then one potential option could be volunteering. These kinds of events are always looking for people who are willing to give a helping hand. You could be a fee collector, or a refreshment seller, or even somebody helping to carry the logs which will soon be turned into something else. Any help that these artists can get will be highly appreciated. But again, if you choose to volunteer, you will need to think about the distance you’ll need to travel.

Chainsaw carving is simply an amazing art form. And if you want to see it happening live, there are plenty of places where you can go. This includes places near woodland, as well as fetes and funfairs. Seeing the artists at work will enable you to truly appreciate the skill that it takes, and allow you to decide if you want to do it yourself. If you like it but don’t want to do it, then you can always volunteer to help those who do. But one thing you’ll need to be wary of is the distances that you might be required to travel.

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